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4 Selling Points Clients Want to Hear from Recruiters

Whether you’re just starting your own staffing and recruiting business, or looking to grow your business, a crucial element in ensuring you firm’s success is building a strong client base. As such, when attempting to sell your firm, it’s important to establish what sets yourself a part as a recruiter, in addition to promoting your services.

Further, while it’s necessary for you articulate that you understand your clients’ needs and can deliver on them, it’s crucial to demonstrate how you go about doing so, and provide proof that you can do what you say you can. As such, here are four selling points you should hit on when pitching your firm to new clients:

1. Process

What steps will you take to ensure high-quality service from start to finish? Address how your firm approaches these six critical steps in the recruitment process.

  • Identification: By providing an in-depth analysis of their open positions, including a diligent listing of their specific requirements, you’re providing a value-focused, results-oriented experience. This allows you to clearly state where you add value based on your recruiting experience.
  • Research: You successfully utilize both traditional and unique industry resources. Explain how your company employs that information to target the very best candidates.
  • Recruiting: Discuss your current candidate database, plus your proactive approach to seeking talent.
  • Assessment: Explain that your skill and personality assessments as well as your reference and background checks ensure that every candidate will possess all the required – and desired – skill sets.
  • Interviewing: Clarify how your process of behavioral and targeted interviewing techniques along with your honest feedback and customized advice throughout the interviewing process will safeguard a smooth and seamless onboarding.
  • Acceptance: Your participation in all of the aspects of the negotiation and offer process ensures that an offer gets excepted. Explain how you prevent candidate drop-out, guarantee a positive candidate experience, and prep candidates for day one of the job.

2. Accuracy

Clients want to know they can depend on you to present candidates who accurately portray the skills they are seeking. Only present candidates who:

  • Meet at least 90 percent of required skills.
  • Are willing to accept salary window.
  • Are motivated by more than money (such as advancement or work/life balance).

3. Speed

This is a critical and often touchy topic. Telling a client that you can deliver the ideal candidate inside too tight of a window insults their internal efforts and diminishes your credibility. However, on the other hand, if the process seems like it will take too long, your client may decide to use one of your competitors. Be honest and forthcoming about your expected timetable. Provide the client an idea of what could hold up the process, and always keep the lines of communication open and openly report your progress.

4. Documentation

It’s important that you’re able to share success stories, documented with facts, that support your claims. Use data to show clients:

  • Your percentages of accepted offers/show ups.
  • Average longevity of placed clients.
  • Providing them a view into the depth of your talent base proves that you have access to candidates that they can’t reach.
  • Documentation of how many people in your database are exclusive to you; that don’t even consider placing their names on major job boards or with your competitors.
  • Your time spent traditionally recruiting and on the phone talking to talent and vetting their abilities to do the job your client is looking to fill.

To learn more about building your client base, as well as sales and marketing strategies around attracting candidates and building relationships, download our eBook, “5 Things You Need to Know When Starting a Temp-Staffing Agency.”

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