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Thinking of Starting a Recruiting Agency? Here Are the Industries Poised for Growth

Thinking of Starting a Recruiting Agency? Here Are the Industries Poised for Growth

While businesses and recruiters in many industries have struggled to stay afloat since the COVID-19 pandemic first began, others have thrived and grown exponentially. If you’re thinking of breaking out on your own and starting a recruiting firm this year, it pays to ensure you’re entering a sector that’s poised for growth. Carefully researching which industry you should enter will help ensure your future success.

Here are the top industries that have done well during the pandemic and that are expected to boom this year. If you have expertise and experience in any of these sectors, they could be a good path forward for your new recruiting agency.


It’s no surprise that the healthcare industry is seeing massive growth with high demand for medical personnel across the globe. Healthcare workers are essential in our fight against the coronavirus, and you can bet recruiters are seeing record demand. Hospitals and healthcare settings, including retirement homes, are struggling with short staffing and burnout, and they’re having trouble filling shifts with qualified personnel.

When it comes to demand, we’re not just talking nurses and personal support workers, either. Diagnostics, medical equipment, and pharmaceuticals are all seeing growth.

If you have previous experience recruiting in the healthcare industry, this is a good niche to enter. It won’t be difficult to find new clients and get recurring business, but you will have to work hard to find qualified candidates to fill open positions quickly. Having experience in the sector with a pre-established pool of candidates will give you an advantage.


The education sector is seeing drastic changes as it is being forced to embrace technology with distance learning. We’re seeing more and more demand from educational institutions for professionals with e-learning experience in particular. Candidates should be adept with learning technologies and have experience with virtual teaching in classroom settings. However, many schools are also short on teachers, assistants, and support staff for in-person learning, so having a pool of candidates with varied experience inside and outside the classroom will help you better meet clients’ needs in this sector.

A benefit of working in this sector, particularly in filling e-learning roles, is that you can recruit from all over the country for remote roles.


As more companies switch to a work-from-home model, there’s been heightened demand for technology experts who can help them function during the crisis and beyond. Cybersecurity and cloud computing experts in particular are being sought out at a rapid rate. Companies initially scrambled to make their data accessible and secure in remote settings. However, months later, the demand is still high for technology experts as many companies decide to offer permanent remote-work arrangements, whether on a part-time or full-time basis.

What’s more, as companies shift from in-store to e-commerce to continue to sell their goods and stay afloat, web developers and related e-commerce experts are also being recruited at a faster rate, which is set to continue as the world moves increasingly online. Not only are web developers in demand, but web designers and digital marketers are, too. This sector shows a lot of promise now and in the future, even after the pandemic is over and we become more accustomed to the convenience of online shopping. Once again, a benefit of this sector is that you can find clients and recruit candidates from across the country without geographic barriers.


The logistics and supply chain sector is a great choice if you’re starting a recruiting agency. Essential fields like healthcare, pharmaceuticals, food, and agriculture are requiring fast delivery of goods, and logistics companies are hiring to keep up with demand.

Logistics roles range from freight agents and supply chain managers to transportation analysts, logistics engineers, procurement managers, and inventory specialists. Ideally, you’ll want to recruit for all relevant roles in inventory management, transportation, warehousing, and planning to ensure you can meet all of your clients’ hiring requirements. Logistics is a big business right now, and employment projections look strong, making it an excellent sector choice for a new recruiting agency.


Whether it’s food delivery, postal delivery, or grocery delivery, you can’t go wrong specializing in the delivery sector right now. The caveat is that you’ll be bound by geographic barriers in this industry, as your clients will need local delivery personnel and drivers.

This is an especially good field to enter if you’re looking to get into contract staffing. You’ll need a large candidate pool of workers interested in various types of shifts and hour allocations. While getting into contract staffing might sound daunting at first due to payroll and compliance requirements, it’s actually quite simple (and lucrative) with the right partners in place. An employer of record (EOR) for example, can provide you with payroll funding and take over the responsibility of administering payroll, ensuring compliance, and managing all other HR functions, which eliminates your administrative headaches. An EOR can also help you quickly expand into all US states and abroad without barriers to entry, so you can hire delivery personnel for clients across the country and beyond.

Automation and Robotics

The pandemic is affecting workers and their health, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that many industries are seriously thinking about adopting automation technologies to ensure continuity of service and better operations management, while also allowing for a more remote workforce. Artificial intelligence and automated material handling equipment in particular are being increasingly implemented in warehouses and distribution centers — and companies need experts in this field to manage and maintain the robotics.

It pays to have previous experience or education in automation and robotics if you’re looking to get into this sector. The roles are often specialized, and clients will be looking to you for valuable advice.

If you’re planning to tap into the lucrative gig economy, download the must-read ebook “6 Tips for Launching a Successful Temp and Contract Business” to ensure you have the right knowledge, preparation, and partners to start your agency.

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